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A Wish

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Nov. 6th, 2008

Dear friends,
I write this note to people who do NOT share my opinion. I write this note to people who believe in God and don't believe in God. I write this note to people who do and do not show unconditional love and acceptance. I write this note to show how a name can change everything. I write this note to show that, when viewed from different perceptions, things can most certainly be one in the same. I write this note and ask that you read it in its' entirety. beginning to end. I write this note to YOU.

Congratulations America. We now have elected a man who, in a short period of time, grew from a little-known figure to a man who has influence over millions of people around the world.

Congratulations America. We now have a man with a sparse record, a few good speeches, a short history, a couple of books, and second-hand info about his life from people who were around him.

Congratulations America. We now have a man who, through his eloquence and persuasiveness, has attracted a cult of followers.

Congratulations America. We now have a man who many claim is arrogant, while others fear that his message of hope is a cover-up for secret ambitions of destruction.

Congratulations America. We now have a man who wants to spread the wealth around and promote socialist ideals.

Congratulations America. We now have a man who says our hard-earned money should go to other people and wants to even out the playing field by erasing competition.

Congratulations America. We now have a man who wants to talk to the terrorists that want to kill us and prefers rhetoric over a solid, deserved punch in the face.

Congratulations America. We now have a man who supports gay people, pregnant teenagers, and the homeless. All who have been pegged as degrading our morality as a people.

Congratulations America. We now have a man who followed the teachings of a radical, is a descendant of a family who did not follow Christian values, is associated with terrorists, and who is trying to stir up and take away everything for which our great nation stands.

Congratulations America. I now have not just described the President-elect, Barack Obama.

Congratulations America. I have now also described a man that could very well be the most influential person in history.... a man that many people chose to base their vote on..... a man named Jesus Christ.

Jesus was a Jew who was preceded by the radical, John the Baptist: a crazy person who ate bugs, and people perceived as irrational and out of his mind.

Jesus had a close friend and disciple, Simon, who was a zealot. Zealots were violent extremists that wanted to overthrow the government. Today, they would be called terrorists.

Jesus associated with the scum of the earth during that time: prostitutes, homosexuals, tax collectors, and fishermen. Society called them social outcasts and deemed them as the reason for the degradation of their morality and ideals. Jesus called them friends.

Jesus grew in mass popularity in three short years, became a prominent, yet controversial, leader, and could deliver a hell-of-a speech.

Jesus demanded high sacrifice from His followers. Many people were turned off by his message, because He preached of giving up money that they had worked hard for and had rightfully earned.

Jesus believed in equality. Jesus believed in peace. Jesus believed in hope. Jesus believed in talking to your enemies.

Jesus spoke against the hypocrisy of religious leaders who clung to their power, and He criticized the unfairness of the government and people who favored the rich over the poor.

Jesus preached directly and often about money issues and about the oppression of “the least of these.” He never distinguished the deserving poor from the undeserving poor. He uplifted all of the poor.

Jesus divided families and friends, because many could not understand how people could fall for this guy.

Jesus’ words and actions were considered radical and often blasphemous, and those in power tried to manipulate what He said and twisted His words around.

Looking back, it is easy to read the story of Jesus in the comfort and safety of our own lives.. because it's familiar and timeless. By just changing one thing in the story... the name... the perception is completely different, however the facts are not. Many Americans in this country voted for and in the name of Jesus Christ. Many of those same people are now saying that our country made the wrong choice... that we are in the hands of a terrorist. a murderer.... interesting isn't it? the perception? the power of a name? Two people with the same ideals, the same social issues, the same love and acceptance...and one is considered evil. the other the ultimate good. all because of perception

DISCLAIMER: Now before you come for my head know that I am in no way saying Obama and Jesus are the same. However, next time we want to accuse Obama of being a socialist, radical, hidden terrorist, anti-religious, God-blasphemer, liberal, wealth distributer, we should remember Jesus and the message he taught. A message of acceptance. A message of tolerance. a message of love.

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